Thank You Letter. Dear Mgr. Georges, Our short and long-awaited visit to Our Lady of the Cedars' parish, in your care at the present time, was, for His Beatitude and the delegation, a source of great joy and pride. For me personally it was more like a home coming after 35 years of absence! How I wish I had more time to reconnect with more of the old parishioners, but I am grateful for having been able to see some and revisit the premises which were clearly improved. The work being done on the hall will substantially improve it and I was very happy to see that the church had been done up as well. On behalf of His Beatitude and myself I wish to thank you for the warm welcome and the great hospitality, from the time we sent foot there until we left. You managed, in the space of about ten hours, to organize a very rich visit, including both the spiritual as well as the social. It gave His Beatitude the opportunity to meet the Maronite Community as well as a number of other Lebanese and some local dignitaries. The liturgy was very well rehearsed and beautifully celebrated, with such a good choir and very good ushering and altar service and decoration. Please thank them all for us. This was a clear indication of the spiritual climate prevailing within the Parish Community, and a sign that, despite the heavy burden of the managerial demands on the parish, you were able to devote the necessary attention to the spiritual dimension in the life of the Community. The Banquet was another highlight of the visit. There also a great deal of work was invested to make the event such a success. We were very sorry to have to rush out, but there was no other way we could have made it to the airport on time. I am very well aware, dear Monsignor Georges, of the time and effort that go into the preparation of such a visit. So please thank your parish committee for us, as well as each and every one of the people involved, in one any or another in that preparation, and I imagine they must have been quite numerous. Having lived and helped in the Parish for about three years, I am well aware of what it takes to cope with the ministry to Our Lady of the Cedars Parish in Boston, managing both the pastoral and the administrative dimensions of such a big operation. It is clear that this could not have been possible without the special leadership quality the Lord has given you, and your ability to mobilize the Community so well. We pray that God may continue to shower His graces upon you and all your collaborators, both lay and clerics, so that you may pursue your successful ministry to such a beautiful Community. On behalf on His Beatitude and our delegation, and along with our prayers, I wish to reiterate our deep gratitude to you and to each and every one of the people who worked so hard to make our visit the great success of hat it was. Archbishop Paul Sayah, Patriarchal Vicar for External Relations.

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