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Scholarship Application

Sponsored in part by the Joseph & Alice Resha Memorial Fund

Purpose of the scholarship:

The purpose of the scholarship is to recognize and assist high school seniors whose families are active, registered and contributing members to Our Lady of the Cedars of Lebanon parish, and who demonstrates academic and community strengths.


Scholarship Sponsors:

Our Lady of the Cedars of Lebanon Merit College Scholarship is sponsored, in part, by “The Joseph and Alice Resha Memorial Fund.”


Our Lady of the Cedars of Lebanon Merit College Scholarship is also sponsored by philanthropists and Parishioners who offer money to Our Lady of the Cedars of Lebanon Church in memory of deceased loved one or in honor of a living family member.


Number and Amount of Scholarships:

The number of scholarships may vary from year to year.  The amount of the scholarship is $1,000.00 for each student.  In case of applicants with equal, or nearly equal, evaluations, the award committee will have the prerogative of dividing the award(s) equally among those applicants. This may result in awards to more than one student per $1,000.00. For each recipient, this is a one-time non-renewable award. The parish committee may award only a specific number of scholarships in a given year, depending on the qualifications of the applicants.  However, this year the sum of $5,000.00 will be made available to fund scholarships to graduating high school seniors.


Criteria for Eligibility

The applicant must be:

A high school senior

An active member of Our Lady of the Cedars of Lebanon Church, whose parents (or legal guardians) are registered and contributing member(s) to the parish; worship regularly and participate in the parish religious and social activities.


Announcement of the Scholarship:

The scholarship, guidelines, and process for the application will be announced from the pulpit, in the church bulletin, and at all parish societies meetings. Hard copies of the scholarship information will be available in the church vestibule and at the rectory. The application itself is available only on the parish website.  This announcement will be made every year in March & April.



Application Deadline:

The deadline for the application material will be April 30, 2017.  In fairness to all applicants, no applications will be accepted after April 30, 2017.


Application Process:

The student may obtain an application from the Parish website here.

The student will send the completed application electronically.

The student must submit the completed scholarship application by the stated deadline (April 30) accompanied by:

1. A copy of the high school transcript and a copy of the SAT or ACT

score report, reflecting results as of January 31.

2. Two letters of recommendation (e.g. teacher, guidance counselor,

employer, mentor, etc.)


Scholarship Presentation:

The scholarship will be presented at the annual Parish Award Ceremony in October.


Scholarship Committee:

The scholarship committee will consist of five members of Our Lady of the Cedars parish and one outside professional, selected by the pastor.  The outside professional will oversee that all details and procedures are followed properly, will monitor the evaluation and the qualification process, and will balance the objectivity of the vote if necessary.  Using a “blind application” procedure, the committee will review all applications and make the final selection(s).  This will ensure privacy and objectivity for the applicants.  The student’s name will be deleted from all material submitted. A non-committee person, designated by the pastor, will prepare the “blind application” prior to the selection process.